Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a major problem in today’s day and age. People have become more lenient with their personal belongings and it is leading to more fraud. There are various ways that you can prevent Identity Theft.

Identity Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Make sure you keep an eye out for “Shoulder-Surfers”. Whenever you may be punching in a pin number or security code at an ATM, phone booth or computer, be aware of who is nearby.
  • Require photo ID Verification wherever you may be. Especially at the bank.
  • Shred all papers you no longer need with ANY given information that identity thieves would need.
  • Destroy any digital data that you do not need.
  • Be very diligent about checking your bank and checking statements each month.
  • Limit the amount of information on your checks.
  • Annually analyze your credit report.
  • *Protect your social security number!!*
  • Any private information you need to keep, be sure to hide in a safe place that no one except you knows about.

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