From the Mayor and Town Hall

From the Mayor and Town Hall

July 18, 2016


The Town Board continues to work hard in maintaining our services and has made good on its pledge to repair and enhance our municipal infrastructure. Recently our Department of Public Works finished paving over ten miles of roadway utilizing the eco-friendly, hot-in-place road recycling program. Upcoming projects include sidewalk restoration in various locations, the second phase of rehabilitating the Mintzer Center (the first phase included the roof replacement) and upgrades to the Cottage Avenue and Winfield Avenue sanitary sewer pump stations. The Board continues to develop a work plan that reflects a range of priorities, taking into consideration funding, staff resources and progress made with ongoing projects. Although town personnel can’t do everything in a single year, the work plan provides a solid foundation that will help us reach our goals.

This week, Senator George Latimer and Assemblyman David Buchwald praised the Harrison Police Department for its outstanding work in apprehending a drug ring selling tainted heroin in our community. HPD was presented with a Proclamation from the Senate and Assembly, recognizing the Department for its outstanding police and investigative work. At a time when our country is facing an increase in opioid abuse, I am grateful to the Harrison Police Department for identifying the severity of the problem. It has become a national crisis and too many lives have been lost. As a community, we are taking the necessary steps needed to address issues associated with this problem. The Town/Village of Harrison is committed to using all available resources as we work toward the prevention of death from opioid overdose. 

Please be aware that the closure of the Kenilworth Bridge, over I-287, will occur on Monday, July 25th and will reopen near the end of October.  A more precise date for the opening will be determined at a later time.  The closure is necessary for the NYSDOT to replace the concrete deck on the existing bridge.  By use of a dedicated walkway, pedestrians will be allowed to cross the bridge during the replacement of the deck. I would appreciate your patience, as the project moves forward, and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.

Please see this important message from the Westchester Joint Water Works: The recent hot, dry weather has resulted in high water usage primarily due to the increased use of residential automatic irrigation systems during the early morning hours. This situation is stressing our water system in terms of pressure and possibly affecting our ability to meet fire protection and normal domestic uses. In order to lessen the demand during the early morning hours, we are asking residential customers that have irrigation systems and contractors that service those systems to set the controls to operate every other day using a simple odd/even approach: House addresses ending in an even number can water on even numbered calendar days, but not between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. House addresses ending in an odd number can water on odd numbered calendar days, but not between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. As a precaution, this odd/even approach will continue through September 30th. Thank you for your cooperation. Voluntarily taking these steps should reduce the possibility of mandatory irrigation restrictions.