Building Department


Welcome to the Building Department page for the Town/Village of Harrison. We know construction can be a very overwhelming process, and our staff is here to guide you through the requirements of the Building Code of the State of New York as well as the Zoning Ordinance and Local Codes.

Anonymous complaints are not investigated. Please fill out our Complaint Form. If you have no heat, you must let us in to verify temperature of dwelling. Complaints may be mailed, or faxed to 835-7491

Proper license and/or insurance is required for all permits. 

Our Building Permit Application and Instructions are online, please call us with any questions.

Please be advised that all new construction involving land disturbance requires approval from the Town Engineer.

The Building Inspector is responsible for inspecting and approving all construction within the Town, to insure that such construction meets the Town standards and codes. Building permits are issued for all new commercial and residential buildings in Harrison, as well as any additions, alterations, accessory structures or facilities. Plans and specifications are reviewed for compliance with construction codes and the Zoning Ordinance. The Building Inspector is responsible for issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Most residential construction requires approval from the Architectural Board of Review. Building permits and applications for sheds, decks, pools, interior alterations are also reviewed, with permits issued and approved by the Building Inspector. New commercial construction and site division requires site plan approval from the Planning Board and Architectural Review Board.

In addition, permits are required for fences, driveways, tree removals, signs, awnings, plumbing and electrical work, blasting, temporary structures, special outdoor events, excavation and regrading, fill and trucking, demolition and ADA compliance. Signage and awnings require the review and approval of the Architectural Review Board.

The department is also responsible for contractors' insurance and blasting bonds and to follow-up on bona-fide complaints regarding the Zoning Ordinance and State and Local Codes.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE***The Building Department reserves the right to require a final as-built survey on the following permit types: New Construction; additions; new accessory structures including sheds, decks, pools and sports courts; fences, walls; and new and altered driveways.

Rocco Germani, Building Inspector

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rocco Germani Building Inspector 914-670-3058
Paul Senitta Assistant Building & Plumbing Inspector 914-670-3057
Brian O'Kelly Assistant Building & Plumbing Inspector 914-670-3052
Suzanne Fuller Senior Office Assistant 914-670-3056
Carol Saracco Senior Clerk 914-670-3055