Town Attorney
Frank P. Allegretti

Deputy Town Attorney
Nelson E. Canter

 Andrea Rendo
Village Attorney
Jonathan D. Kraut
 Deputy Village Attorney
Andrea Rendo

Frank P. Allegretti serves as Town Attorney, and Nelson E. Canter serves as Deputy Town Attorney, and Jonathan D. Kraut as Village Attorney and Andrea Rendo as Deputy Village Attorney for the Town of Harrison and Village of Harrison. The Town of Harrison and Village of Harrison are co-terminus municipalities, and therefore present unique and interesting legal issues. Collectively, the attorneys advise Town boards, departments and officials and handle a wide variety of legal matters affecting the operation of Town and Village governments. They also represent and defend the Town and Village, its various boards and officials in state and federal litigation.

The attorneys must possess a thorough knowledge of, and interpret, Federal, New York State and Town and Village Laws as they pertain to Harrison. They are called upon to advise the Town and Village Boards, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Architectural Review Board and department heads with respect to ordinances, contracts, and matters involving personnel and labor relations. Their expertise also encompasses the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review, Open Meetings Law and Zoning Ordinance of the Town and local laws of the Town or Village, as well as master the differences between towns and villages.

When the Town Board plans to enact a new ordinance or local law, the attorneys must draft the law so that, if challenged, it will withstand judicial scrutiny while accomplishing the Town Board's goals. The attorneys also prosecute all local law and code violations, and defend and monitor property damage and personal injury claims presented against the Town of Harrison and Village of Harrison. They also have the responsibility of coordinating all litigation involving insurance, personal injury and property damage compensation cases, employment, federal civil rights and appellate litigation.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Law Department 914-670-3090
Frank Allegretti Town Attorney 914-670-3093
Nelson E. Canter Deputy Town Attorney 914-670-3091
Jonathan Kraut Village Attorney 914-670-3092
Andrea Rendo Deputy Village Attorney 914-670-3096
Anna Pilloni Law Department Staff 914-670-3095
Louis DiBuono Law Department Staff 914-670-3094