Traffic Department


The objective of the Traffic Division is to help reduce traffic crashes and injuries while facilitating the safe and expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through voluntary public compliance of the Vehicular Traffic Laws of New York State and Local Town Ordinances of the Town of Harrison. The objective is accomplished with a blend of strategic planning, education, and enforcement. Dedication to safe pedestrian travel, the prevention of drunk driving and underage drinking, truck inspection, and the use of seatbelts and properly fitted child safety seats has led to safer roads, decreased DUI crashes, and the removal of dangerous trucks and drivers from our roadways.

Motorist Complaints

Many traffic related complaints are directly handled by the Traffic Enforcement Division. The most popular complaint is that of speeding vehicles, followed by motorists failing to stop for stop signs. This is addressed by assigning an officer to monitor these areas and issue summonses for appropriate violations. With the ever increasing requests for this type of enforcement, Traffic Officers must evaluate these requests and address the problems by priority. Traffic complaints are often addressed by the use of RADAR as well as the enforcement of the Vehicle and Traffic laws of the State of New York and the Town of Harrison.

Traffic Control & Equipment Maintenance

The Traffic Enforcement Division is also tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of the Town owned traffic devices. This includes traffic lights and their control units as well as road signs and parking signs throughout the Town.
The Traffic Enforcement Division also assists with funeral escorts and traffic control at annual Town functions such as parades and community days.

The Traffic Enforcement Division maintains and routinely tests the department’s RADAR units and alcohol enforcement instruments.